Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Awesome Ichabod

Duke's Lemur Center is proud to announce the birth of their second Aye-Aye baby to captive-bred parents. Ichabod arrived July 23 and is thriving ... noisily.

Not only are these nocturnal bug-eaters exceedingly rare and threatened, their captive-bred parents weren't too well versed on how to make babies. It took DLC Assistant Director Dean Gibson more than two years of coaching and coaxing to get Ichabod's dad, Merlin, to do his stuff. But man, he gets it now!

Duke's story and video

San Francisco Zoo's Captive-born Aye Aye (#2 in the world). Duke helped.

Finally, some awesome BBC footage of an Aye-Aye feeding in the wild. Note the combination of bat ears, beaver teeth and a hand like no other. The grubs don't stand a chance!