Friday, February 13, 2009

Noor Medals at Evolution Olympiad

Duke's Mohamed Noor, a self-described "evolutionary geneticist" was honored in London yesterday by the Linnean Society with the prestigious and exceedingly rare Darwin-Wallace Medal for his work on speciation.

Noor, 38, was chosen to speak briefly on behalf of the dozen honorees, which included the late Stephen Jay Gould and the late John Maynard-Smith, Rosemary and Peter Grant of Galapagos finch fame, Lynn Margulis, and Noor's friend and collaborator Allen Orr. The last time they handed these out was 1958.

No video is available, but Mohamed did snap off and send a few cell phone pictures for us. He reports that his talk was well-received, in part because he spoke at half the speed of his usual auctioneer delivery.

Monday at 4:30 in BioSci 111, the Biology Department is hosting "Noorfest" to welcome our hero back to Durham.

From Claire Rawlinson's Facebook Page -

Jo Felsenstein, Robert Maynard Smith, Nick Barton, Mohamed Noor (photos), Linda Partridge, Mark Chase, Rosemary Grant, Peter Grant, Lynn Margulis, Allen Orr, James Mallet, Bryan Clarke, David Cutler

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