Friday, October 3, 2008

How Do They Do That?

Metamorphosis -- from ugly duckling to swan, toddler to teen, or globby, slightly disgusting caterpillar to breathtaking butterfly -- is just about the coolest thing in Biology.

Duke Biologist Fred Nijhout, who studies it in detail on the butterfly end of the spectrum, stars in the latest installment of "Science in the Triangle" from our dear friends and close neighbors the Museum of Life and Science. Don't miss the split-screen microscope action!

Check it out:

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Sally said...

Thanks Fred. This video was very interesting. In my classroom at Wayland Cohocton Central School, we observe the metamorphosis of Monarch butterflies every year with our second graders. It is a fascinating process and relatively quick for the second graders to observe. You look like you thoroughly enjoy your research and your work! Thanks for sharing this.
Sally Leeson