Friday, September 5, 2008

Now Look Here

The Visualization Friday Forum got underway for its seventh season today, with scientific visualization guru Rachael Brady leading off. Her talk was a sort of "what we did last summer," but with Brady having a hand in just about every cool project on campus, "actually it's just some of what my group did this summer!" she said.

The SoundSpace installation at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham has been a big hit, Brady said. Kids dance and jump in a space covered by nine webcams and a score written by music professor Scott Lindroth responds aurally.

The video wall in the uber-tech new Link space in Perkins Library isn't running just yet, but it'll be sweet. It's a 20-by-5-foot HD video wall just begging for content, she said. "It's not trivial designing content for 48 screens that function as one."

The Friday Forums are very cool, if you haven't gleaned that yet, and Brady does a good job of bringing in both the programming types and the scientific types to talk about ways to turn data into compelling visuals.
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